Mentoring and Volunteering

Being mentored and volunteering with an established wildlife rehabilitator is the perfect way to gain experience and knowledge. These are similar terms but do have some subtle differences.

Many states have a certain number of hours that potential rehabbers earn by volunteering or being mentored. Kentucky does not have this requirement although we actively encouraged you to spend some time working with your local rehabber to gain skills and form a positive network.


Volunteers “work” for a wildlife rehabilitation center or an individual rehabber. They do a variety of activities in order to help out; everything from cleaning, feeding and building enclosures. Many centers offer training, have set schedules and some may require certain inoculations. People may volunteer to learn more in the field or simply because they love animals and want to contribute to helping their local rehabber.


Mentoring is more specifically about training and teaching a person who hopes to enter the field of wildlife rehabilitation, conservation biology or veterinary studies. When you mentor someone you make a commitment to help them gain hands on skills so that they may go out and contribute to the field. Mentoring also encompasses working with a new rehabber and providing knowledge and positive support.

COMING SOON - a list of mentors and centers seeking volunteers

Are you a licensed wildlife rehabilitator seeking volunteers or willing to mentor a future wildlife rehabilitator?

Please read our definitions above and submit this form. I will add you to the list. The list will be on the website and promoted through social media.

Information will be added weekly and organized by county.

***Please note that this is a resource and KyWRA does not recommend or judge submissions. It is up to the facility and the potential volunteer/mentee to interview each other and decide if the organization is a good fit.

This resource if only for licensed Kentucky wildlife rehab facilities
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